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WHATSenior assisted living apartments and a skilled nursing care facility combined within a daycare for pre-kindergarten children.
WHYOlder adults have the opportunity to contribute their experience, knowledge and time to children and in turn experience the joy and playfulness children can bring.
WHEREThe Mount.
Providence Mount St. Vincent. Seattle, Washington, USA.

Program Description

“Whether they are in a wheelchair, or in a walker, or maybe they are hard to understand or you have to speak louder, it is just about who that individual is and they adjust. The kids just don’t, they really don’t blink an eye this is normal, this is just who this resident is.
– Director of The Intergenerational Learning Center - Marie Hoover. source: PBS Video ‘What happens when a nursing home and a day care center share a roof?’

“The vibrancy of our young families here has enriched the lives of our residents many times over. Whether it’s a planned activity such as music or just spending time together talking, the joy that the children bring to our residents is priceless…”

The Mount started out as a senior living and skilled nursing facility by Providence Mount St. Vincent.

The unique senior living facility combines, older adults, caregivers, children and teachers.

Older adults are able to receive senior living and care services while taking in the benefits of being a part of a larger intergenerational community.

The Intergenerational Learning Center combine the daily experience of senior residents and children through intergenerational activities such as music, dancing, art, storytelling, visiting or dining together.

Children develop an awareness and familiarity of older adults and the aging process and become a part of an extended family or village.

Senior residents benefit from the intergenerational connections and receive

  • Frequent interaction with children throughout the day.
  • Physical activity playing with the children.
  • Opportunities to play, laugh and enjoy the spirit and joy that children bring to their home environment.
  • A renewed sense of self-worth.
  • An opportunity to transfer knowledge.
  • The ability to serve as role models.

The broader community benefits from an intergenerational center include: connections and friendships, the elimination of stereotypes that may lead to ageism, and the expanded viewpoint and experience of staff and teachers from interacting with different age groups.

Providence provides healthcare and social services in Alaska, California, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Washington. 

Watch PBS Video: What happens when a nursing home and a day care center share a roof?

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