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WHATA Christmas gala night social get together for seniors during the holiday.
WHYTo prevent senior lonliness and isolation during Christmas.To provide seniors with gifts, socialization and entertainment during the holidays.
WHERE Senior Share Program.
Founder-Kevin Yackley.

Program Description

"Many factors can contribute to depression in seniors at this time of year, If they are grieving the loss of a spouse or friend, the holidays may intensify those feelings. This is especially true if the loved one who has passed was part of holiday celebrations; their absence will be strongly felt. Also, holiday expectations don't always match up with reality, and disappointments ensue. Families may not be able to visit, or new traditions start to replace old beloved traditions - these can create resentment and sadness. Stress and fatigue play a role and nutrition also does. Healthy eating gives way to sweets and this leads to physical and emotional stresses."

The aim of the "Senior Share" Christmas gala is to let seniors, who may be alone during the holdiays know that they matter and are not forgotten.

The "Senior Share" Christmas gala includes a Christmas dinner for seniors along with live music and entertainment. The celebration also includes drawings for big prize giveaways and gifts for seniors such as televisions and washers and dryers.

In addition to the Christmas gala, groceries donated by local businesses are distributed to seniors including everything that they would need to put a holiday meal together.

Hundreds of seniors benefit from this social program. Seniors must register for the program before attending though the Texas City Parks and Recreation Department.




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