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WHATAn organization, which promotes and supports senior citizens' artistic creativity by providing them with juried exhibitions and other art activities.
WHYTo provide artistic training for seniors; to connect seniors to art events & intergenerational programs.
WHEREThe Senior Arts Foundation. Santa Monica College (SMC)
Santa Monica, California, USA.

Program Description

"The Senior Arts Foundation SAF connects persons over 50 with the arts. It acknowledges the excellence of artworks produced, appreciated and collected by these people. The SAF recognizes the talents of these adults and aims to expand their horizons into all aspects of the arts. It provides a place of expressing their artistic visions and supporting creative talents."

One of the primary goals of the foundation is to recognize and appreciate senior artwork with respect.

The Senior Arts Foundation also provides scholarship and sponsorships to assist senior artists and community senior arts projects.

The organization has been responsible for sponsoring events such as a senior arts foundation benefit, intergenerational arts events, and talent shows.

The Senior Arts Foundation believes in the connection between older adults and the importance of the arts in the process of aging. When seniors are engaged in art it can provide not only a form of art therapy but can allow seniors to contribute a valuable contribution to society.

Senior Theater and Senior Arts

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