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WHATA senior artist website designed to promote creativity, and provide inspiration and tips geared specifically to the senior artist.
WHYTo provide a portal for older adults to master their artistic craft and engage with other senior artists.
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Program Description

"We firmly believe that your artistic dreams have no expiration date! It's time to turn life experience into wonderful works of art. is your source for artistic inspiration in the best years of your life."

"There are those who would have you believe that art is set aside for an elite few. Others would like you to think that artistic ability is something you are born with, enjoy in youth, and should dismiss before 'growing up.' This thinking has denied millions the opportunity to discover and share the immense joy that comes from artistic expression."

In addition to providing art inspiration and tips on the website, the ‘Senior Artist Magazine’ aims to spread the word that ‘you are never too old to enjoy art’ and to provide senior artists with the tools, resources and connections to create inspiring and fulfilling art. provides senior artists with:

  • Helpful tips and tools from professional artists
  • Creativity boosting exercises
  • Inspiring stories from other senior artists
Senior Theater and Senior Arts

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