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WHATAge diverse dining events bring people of all ages together for an intergenerational meal virtually or in-person.
WHYTo use intergenerational connection to help fight loneliness and isolation in the older adult LGBT population and larger community.
WHERESAGE. Advocacy and Services for LGBT Elders.
Based in New York, NY, USA.

Program Description

“You can’t really have a complete perspective as a person in our community or a person at all if you don’t have friendships with people from different generations.”

“SAGE Table events bring together people of all ages at hundreds of tables across the world to share a meal and conversation. The transformative relationships formed around a SAGE Table can alleviate social isolation and its consequences. We’d love for you to be a part of the thousands of new connections that happen through SAGE Table.”

“…and if we know each other we can help each other, we can understand each other and we can explain our lifestyles, who we are to other folks out there.”
-Video Why SAGE Table: LGBT & Intergenerational

A SAGE Table event consists of a shared meal and conversations between older and younger generations. The goal of the event is to create an age diverse event to alleviate loneliness and isolation in LGBT elders and provide opportunities for social connection.

SAGE Table events may take place virtually, at homes, workplaces, parks or other locations conducive to intergenerational conversation within the LGBT community and allies.

Shared meals may consist of breakfast, lunch or dinner and may be in the form of a potluck or meeting at a restaurant.

Sage Table has the support of several celebrities including: Jane Lynch, Whoopi Goldberg, Zachary Quinto, Sia, Judith Light, Janet Mock, Lance Bass, Chaz Bono, Sarah Paulson, Holland Taylor, Dominique Jackson and others.

Sage is an organization committed to providing advocacy and services for LGBT older adults.

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