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WHATA neighborhood senior cafe where older adults can eat, learn and socialize.
WHYTo provide a gathering place for seniors that will not only provide food to nourish their bodies but also provide life-long learning within a community.
WHEREMather LifeWays.
Across the USA and Internationally.

Program Description

“The possibilities are endless once a customer walks in the door. The Café Plus experience might start with a cup of coffee and a delicious, healthy meal. However, in addition to full-service restaurant menus, lifelong learning programs are offered in areas such as computers, yoga, writing, wellness, and more.”

“There’s an evolution going on and a revolution as baby boomers age…so we’re developing richer programming. We’re given the gift of longevity, so we have to spend it wisely.”

--Mr. Firman of the National Council on Aging source:

In addition to meals, cafes may provide live entertainment, fitness classes, day trips, book clubs, lifelong learning classes, workshops and lectures covering from topics such as history, technology, art and dance and intergenerational programs. One café in Texas includes BBQs, a movie theater and a pool.
The senior cafe concept can be built into existing senior centers, senior living communities and social service agencies. Cafes are able to provide a number of important senior services as well as added revenue for the organization. Cafes may also operate as a stand-alone businesses.

Anyone wishing to open up a Cafe Plus for seniors will be provided resources and ongoing support by Mather LifeWays.

Mather LifeWays offers senior programs and services that help older adults live, work, learn, contribute, and play in their neighborhoods.

Cafe Plus has received the Gold and Innovation Award for Best Dining or Café Experience from the National Association of Home Builders.

Each new Cafe Plus is unique to the organization and neighborhood which it serves.

Mather LifeWays was founded by humanitarian Alonzo Mather and is an organization dedicated to serving older adults through senior programs, gathering places, and residences.

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