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WHATSenior media content programming (including Television, Radio, Web Videos, and Social Media) promoting active and healthy lifestyles.
WHYTo inspire seniors to live their lives to the fullest and to pursue their dreams no matter their age by providing content that promotes life-long learning, active lifestyles and social connections.
WHEREGrowing Bolder Media.
PBS Stations across the USA. Marc Middleton - Founder and CEO.

Program Description

"Growing Bolder is award-winning programming for cutting-edge technology: Web, Television, Radio, Social Media and More."

"We shine the spotlight on ordinary people in pursuit of extraordinary lives. We believe it's not about age; it's about attitude, and we know that each one of you can pursue your own passions."

‘Growing Bolder’ media programming includes senior radio, tv, and web content featuring:

-Growing Bolder TV
-Growing Bolder Radio Show
-Growing Bolder Radio Network
-Growing Bolder Magazine
-Surviving and Thriving
-Rock Stars of Aging
-Growing Bolder Email Newsletters

Programming covers topics of interest to boomers ranging from life-long learning to lifestyle and entertainment such as:

-Senior Travel
-Senior Tech
-Senior Blogs
-Senior Living
-Senior Health
-Senior Dating and Relationships

‘Growing Bolder’ offers the following free email newsletters:

'The Insider' - A weekly update all things Growing Bolder.
'Surviving and Thriving' - Stories and extras from Growing Bolder’s show about overcoming life's obstacles.
'Bolder Nutrition' - Boomer Health tips from a registered dietitian.


More Senior Activities and Life-Long Learning

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