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WHATGreat Decisions is a program that brings together groups of people either formally or informally to participate in foreign policy discussions. Participants can join a group in progress or start their own and are guided by the annual Great Decisions briefing book.
WHYTo bring awareness, understanding, and informed opinion on U.S. foreign policy and global issues and to encourage citizen involvement in foreign policy decisions.
WHEREGreat Decisions.
The Foreign Policy Association. Across the USA.

Program Description

"There are countless benefits to having Great Decisions in your retirement community, but here are a few:

• Informs residents about world affairs.
• Promotes civic participation through the National Opinion Ballot Report.
• Provides residents an opportunity to exchange views with peers.
• Provides framework for community discussion while encouraging understanding of alternative views."

The Foreign Policy Association’s Great Decisions program is appropriate for informal discussion groups such as retirement communities, faith groups, and libraries, along with public lectures and formal classrooms and university courses.

The annual Great Decisions briefing book highlights eight of the most relevant foreign policy challenges facing Americans and serves as the text for discussion groups. The briefing book provided background information, expert analysis, and discussion questions for each foreign policy issue. 

For information on how to start Great Decisions in a Retirement Community, the Foreign Policy Association has a how to booklet for reference. The program provides a stimulating activity for residents of retirement homes and an opportunity for seniors to engage in life-long learning.

Great Decisions involves citizens in the foreign policy making process. Discussion group participants discuss and debate issue and then complete a ballot to communicate their views to Congress and the White House.  

Great Decisions is available through DVD and airs on PBS. The program aims to be balanced and nonpartisan.

The Foreign Policy Association also runs ‘Foreign Policy Blogs,’ the largest network of global affairs blogs and is staffed by professionals in the areas of journalism, academia, business, non-profits and think tanks.

The Foreign Policy Association is involved in annual meetings and the World Leadership Forum which give members and heads of government access to discussion and debate on the most critical issues facing America today.

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