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WHATOlder adults are joining internet senior social communities creating their own profiles, connecting with adult children, grandchildren and creating a new network of friends.
WHY For senior social support, companionship, connections activity, mind fitness, and overall senior health and well-being.

Program Description

"Online networks may offer older people a place where they do feel empowered, because they can make these connections and they can talk to people without having to ask a friend or a family member for one more thing.”
-Antonina Bambina-Sociologist source:The New York Times

"Americans are becoming increasingly computer literate, and that means they're also becoming more comfortable using the Internet. This has the potential to boost e-commerce, computer and gadget sales as well as subscriptions for high-speed Internet access among this population." Article: 'Social Networking Surges for Seniors.'

Senior social networking is taking place at an increased rate online through twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a host of other social networking sites.

More seniors are making home adaptations and aging in place in their own home. Living alone may cause seniors to become more isolated and lonely. Social networking can be a great way for seniors to connect with adult children, grandchildren, other family members and friends who live far away. Seniors can also use social networking to become better informed on issues or current events and in their communities.

"'Because many of them (seniors) are new to social networks, they are more apt to fall prey to scams,' Gordon says. 'We alert them to ones that are making the rounds, but we also encourage everyone to get familiar with privacy settings.'" -Tammy Gordon AARP: Senior Adviser for Social Communications. Article: 'Social Networking Surges for Seniors.'

Find out more about "Social Networking for Seniors" Programs from the New York Times - The New Old Age Blog

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