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WHATRegular video chats through ZOOM between matched older adult mentors and youth.
WHYTo foster intergenerational relationships between older adults and kids. To create a line of support, communication and exchange between older adults, youth and parents in the community.
Co-Founder - Dana Griffin.

Program Description

“For the first time in history, technology has evolved in a way that can allow us to become more human again. We now have the rare opportunity to re-imagine the original village structure, for the 21st century and beyond one that relies on our elders as assets to society and their wisdom as a service to humanity.”

Older adult mentors should be:

  • 60+ years old. 
  • Have an internet connection to access ZOOM
  • Pass a background check.
  • Kind, generous and curious in nature.

Through intergenerational exchange youth can learn conversation and listening skills, and take in the wisdom and experience of older adults.
Older adult mentors have an opportunity to share stories and pass on knowledge to the next generation.

Eldera can benefit parents interested in having additional support, and an older adult’s influence on their child

Generations have the opportunity to form relationships more easily and become better connected as a community and as a society.

The Eldera website states that background checks are run on  mentors and conversations are recorded and archived.

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