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WHATCyber Seniors is an intergenerational social activity and learning program that recruits students to volunteer at nursing homes and teach seniors how to use the internet.
WHYSo that seniors are able to join internet communities, create their own profiles and network with friends. The intergenerational program also provides seniors with support, companionship, connection, and stimulation of the mind.
WHERECyber Seniors.
Nursing homes, retirement homes.

Program Description

The Intergenerational "Cyber Seniors" program was founded by two sisters in who were inspired by their own intergenerational experience and how computer use and internet access changed their grandparents lives.

Students are assigned a small group of seniors at a nursing home close to their school. They establish email addresses for each of the seniors involved in the Cyber Seniors program and teach them how to send and receive emails. Once seniors have mastered the ability to send and receive emails they will be introduced to other 'cyber-seniors' living in other Nursing Homes, through email. Seniors are encouraged to exchange emails with other 'cyber-seniors' and share their experiences, jokes, pictures, etc.

There will also be opportunities for some seniors to learn how to see and talk with loved ones who live far away by using skype or other video chat programs.

The "Cyber Seniors" Program website contains a free Computer Training for Seniors Toolkit Guide that covers topics such as: Introduction to Computers for Seniors, Using the Internet for Seniors, Keyboard Training for Seniors, Using Email for Seniors.

“The Cyber-Seniors program is featured in a documentary entitled, 'Cyber-Seniors'
which covers the program that began in the summer of 2009. Unwittingly, two high-school students embarked on a school project that transformed the lives of several senior citizens. The goal of their project was to teach senior citizens how to send and receive emails and talk to distant friends and relatives using Skype. They enlisted several of their high-school friends and set out to dispel the theory ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’. The experience was surprisingly fun, rewarding and life altering for both the students and seniors."



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