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WHATVolunteers download, print and decorate cards for elderly in senior communities on Valentine’s Day.
WHYTo reduce senior social isolation and loneliness on Valentine’s Day and to create intergenerational connections.
WHEREWish of a Lifetime.
Founder - Jeremy Bloom. AARP. Across the USA.

Program Description

“Cupid Crew empowers thousands of volunteers across the country to reach out to older adults on Valentine’s Day, creating connections and sending messages of love, hope and kindness. Building on last year’s momentum, Wish of a Lifetime hopes to send nearly a quarter million cards through the Cupid Crew campaign.”

Those wishing to help deliver Valentine’s Day cards to elderly can download cards from the Wish of a Lifetime website, personalize them and send in the mail or drop off at a senior living center.  

Volunteers can be of any age including children, youth and adults.

Cards may include a thoughtful quote or poem, along with a Happy Valentine’s Day message.

A simple gesture of sending a Valentine’s Day cards can have a great impact by helping elderly feel connected, reduce social isolation and let them know that they are not alone and part of a community.

Cards must be appropriate, stay away from political references, inappropriate jokes, sayings or drawings.

Cupid Crew has partnered with Girl Scouts in order to increase their reach and help more seniors feel special on Valentine’s Day.

Wish of a Lifetime by AARP is an organization which works to fulfill lifelong senior dreams such as adventures, taking classes, meeting a particular person, attending an event and more.

Help elderly receive a Valentines's Day card by spreading the word #CupidCrew

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