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WHATA free senior friendly iPad app so that the elderly can keep in touch with their friends, children and grandkids.
WHYTo keep technologically challenged seniors connected through social networking with a secure list of known friends and family. Social networking can be used to prevent isolation, which may lead to elderly depression.
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Available through Apple iTunes.

Program Description

"I have been using 'ConnectMyFolks' I find it really easy to get in touch with my kids, they write back quickly and I hear from them. It makes it nice there's no scams nothing to worry about its all taken care of."

"This has changed Mom's life in ways that I don't even know that
she's aware of."

- video: ConnectMyFolks - Introduction

“ConnectMyFolks” uses senior friendly, large, icon-type buttons for email, texts, movies, and pictures.

“ConnectMyFolks” is a secure system, which allows a senior to connect through the app only with people on their approved contact list. This added security eliminates communication from spam, scammers and other such threats associated with senior social networking. 

Adult children caregiving for or concerned about reduced or limited social activity of aging parents can download the free social networking app for their parents. Several family members can be in communication with the senior and all members’ activities and comments are updated and viewed the side bar. This gives added peace of mind and security for adult children of aging parents to know that their parent is keeping socially active online.




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