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WHATA personalized user friendly tablet with large icons and apps well suited for older adults.
WHYThe user friendly, touchscreen feature of the Breezie tablet is appealing to older adults who may have limited manual dexterity and other limitations.
WHEREBreezie. Founder - Jeh Kazimi. Partners with Age UK.
United Kingdom and USA.

Program Description

“Breezie can do anything a standard tablet does, but strips it all back to intuitive, user-friendly basics.”

“Everything is fully personalized to suit your needs before it’s sent to you – so when you receive it, you can just switch on and get going.”

Breezie provides phone-based orientation sessions, printed guides and video tutorials for seniors who need help using the tablet.

The tablet allows seniors to video chat with family and friends, shop online, email, take photos along with everything else a tablet can do.

Some of the benefits tablets may provide in senior living communities include:

  • Combating senior resident loneliness
  • Keeping relatives in the loop through email and video chat
  • Increasing mental engagement through stimulating content and memory games
  • Promoting individuality
  • Providing a therapeutic tool

An added feature Breezie provides is allowing communities such as nursing homes, retirement communities, assisted living, senior housing communities, memory care centers, adult day cares and others to centrally configure Breezies on the same set up. This is ideal for a larger group of users and makes the distribution of tablets easy to manage and support.

Breezie is passionate about the benefits of technology for seniors and aims to make technology relevant and engaging for the senior market and is the recipient of the 2015 SME Digital Leader of the Year at the DL100 Awards.

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