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WHATConnecting older adults with youth for intergenerational conversations related to career advice.
WHYTo connect youth who may not otherwise have the opportunity with older adults who have a wealth of knowledge and connections in various industries.
Co-founder - Gee Kin Chou.

Program Description

“Lack of connections prevents many disadvantaged students from getting ahead.”

“…deploying your connections to improve the lives of young students.”

“more than 80% of jobs are obtained through networking and wealthier students don’t depend on their schools, they have family connections to help them with their careers. Doesn’t every student deserve the same?”

“…I asked for a show of hands, who would like to speak to someone in a career that really excited about. Every hand shot up, so I cofounded Boombox to give every student the connections they deserve and need.” Co-founder - Gee Kin Chou.

Youth will be matched with professionals in an industry and career that they are interested in perusing.

Older adults can provide career advice, opportunities, and the right connections to help youth enter a particular industry.

Youth can ask career related questions and career mentors are available to answer.

Career opportunities for youth may include job-shadowing, internships or being introduced to other professionals in an industry.

Older adults who volunteer to participate in Boombox can gather to meet and discuss their experiences.

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