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WHAT A neutral party helps senior drivers and their families make decisions about the safety of continuing to drive while aging. The program provides a dignified way to deal with the question of when if at all to take the keys away from an elderly driver.
WHYA skilled and experienced professional can help with the sensitive issue of an elderly driver continuing to drive in a calm and neutral way.
WHEREKeeping Us Safe.
Some States in the USA and areas in Canada.

Program Description

"Our self-assessment program for older drivers provides families with the missing link between their desire to bring this issue to a peaceful resolution, and their ability to actually do so."

"Our Certified "Beyond Driving with Dignity" Professionals determine the success of the company; they are working with the older drivers and their families on a daily basis."

The "Keeping Us Safe Self-Assessment for Senior Drivers" Program helps elderly drivers and their families by providing support and strategies on how seniors can remain driving safely as they age.

An assessment can help identify alternatives to un-safe driving, identify senior drivers who are at a "higher risk" for an accident and offer tips on how to remain safe through out the aging process.

If driving retirement is the appropriate decision, the "Self-Assessment for Senior Drivers" Program provides acceptable alternatives, resources and a plan to ensure a smooth transition for seniors from the drivers seat to the passenger seat.

"Keeping Us Safe" also holds presentations on elderly driving safety:

"Adults with Aging Parent Drivers" - covers legal, ethical, and emotional challenges faced by a family or professional caregiver when considering a an elderly drivers retirement from driving.

"A Safe Drive through the Aging Process- a realistic, direct yet compassionate approach to the sensitive subject of when to stop an elderly person from driving and recognizing the loss of independence.

Training for professionals on how to deal with and speak to the elderly about driving is provides through the:

Bringing a Peaceful Resolve to Complex and Sensitive Senior Driving Issues Program -
The driver safety program is appropriate for nurses, doctors, independent and assisted-living facility administrators, senior center and assisted living activity directors, social workers, case managers, law enforcement officers and dispatchers, court officials, elected officials, news media, geriatric professionals, insurance agents, attorneys, counselors, community leaders, and EAP counselors, and others and has been approved for Continuing Education (CEU) credits in several states.

A workbook is also available for senior drivers and their families entitled, "The Workbook for the Families of Older Drivers."

The ultimate goal of the program is not to take away driving opportunities of older drivers, but rather to offer suggestions on how to recognize and compensate for diminishing skills so that seniors drivers may remain on the roadways as safe drivers.

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