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WHATThe Safe Mobility for Life Coalition Program looks at current road conditions such as markings, intersections, pedestrian crossings, traffic signals, to make sure that they are designing more senior friendly roads.
WHYThe Safe Mobility for Life aims to improve the safety, access and mobility of senior drivers by developing a plan to reduce injuries and crashes among senior drivers.
WHERESafe Mobility for Life Coalition. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) State Traffic Engineering and Operations.
Florida, USA.

Program Description

"The driving environment has changed dramatically since most older adults became drivers. Roadways today are much more congested and complex than they were when they learned to drive. Roadway improvements designed to compensate for the age-related changes can make the task of negotiating today's roads and highways not only easier, but safer for everyone."

"Our Coalition defines an aging road user to include: drivers, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, transit-riders, motorcyclists, and operators of non-motorized vehicles that are 50 years of age and older, with a special emphasis on the 65 year and older age group."

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) State Traffic Engineering and Operations Office handles issues related to aging drivers such as:

  • Traffic Studies
  • Intersection Operations
  • Traffic Signs
  • Pavement Marking
  • Traffic Signals

FDOT has made improvements to help senior drivers and aging road users such as:

  • Increasing Senior Driver Visibility - with pavement markings, lighting, reflective pavement markers, larger lettering on guide signs.
  • Improving Pedestrian Features - refuge islands, slower walk speeds, high-emphasis crosswalks.
  • Providing Advance Notification - advance guide signs, advance stop, warning, yield sign.

In addition to advocating for the safety, access and mobility of senior drivers the Safe Mobility for Life also works to increase the number of drivers who are proactive about staying safe on the road by educating aging road users on the resources and tools to enable them to drive as long as safely possible.

In order to address the specific safety needs of senior drivers the Safe Mobility for Life Coalition Program has developed a free Guide for Aging Drivers so that they can continue to drive as long as safely possible. The guide covers important issues for senior drivers such as:

  • Promoting Safe Mobility for Life - Licensing Requirements, Vision Requirements Senior Drivers, How to Reporting Unsafe Senior Drivers, Medical Review Process, Roadway Improvements, Rules to Help Share the Road.
  • The Impact of Aging on Driving - Vision, Cognition, Dementia, Physical Condition.
  • Am I Safe to Drive - Warning Signs, Family Involvement, Changes in Driver Behavior.
  • Keeping Safe While Driving -Senior Driver Safety Class, Car Fit Program.
  • Retirement from Driving - Senior Transportation Options.

Other resources to help senior drivers include the Car Fit Program which helps seniors fit their vehicle to their specific needs by making adjustments for height, size, and suggesting the use of adaptive equipment such as foot pedals, seatbelt adjuster, a handibar, expanded mirrors, steering wheel covers to improve grip, or seat and back support cushions.

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