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WHATA disaster preparedness campaign which encourages advance planning and sharing information and tools with older adults, family, friends and neighbors.
WHY To prepare older adults and others before disaster strikes which ultimately can help save lives.
WHEREOperation Emergency Prepare. Create The Good.

Program Description

“A hurricane, house fire, earthquake or tornado can leave devastation in its wake. The impact of such an event is often most severe for people who failed to plan ahead for emergencies. You probably have friends, family and neighbors who have no plans for how to act when a disaster is imminent, or how to respond after one has struck. Operation Emergency Prepare allows you to help others in your neighborhood who need to get ready"

" Keep in mind that emergencies and disasters are especially trying for older community members who may have physical limitations so please consider them first as you plan to share the Emergency Prepare tools.”

“Your efforts, big or small, could save lives.”

Operation Emergency Prepare by Create The Good AARP helps individuals prepare for an emergency or disaster by providing information and tools for advance preparations.

The Create The Good AARP website has helpful checklists and steps to help volunteers help the elderly prepare which cover:

Important Papers and Documents - Help older adults organize important documents such as Medicare or Medicaid card, health insurance and Social Security cards,  passport, driver's license, tax returns, bank statements, retirement accounts, credit card numbers, passwords, insurance policies, an inventory of belongings, deeds, Will, legal documents, contact information for family and friends. This is also a good time to call and make sure that insurance policies such as flood insurance, fire insurance and mortgages are fully understood ahead of time.

Emergency Supply Kits – Help distribute emergency supply kits in the community which in an emergency would contain supplies for a few days including food, water, any required medications, insulin, catheters, hygiene supplies, face mask, flashlight and cash.
Kits could be paid for through business sponsorship, fundraising or donations. If emergency supply kit distribution is not possible then volunteers can help older adults make their own kits or at the least hand out a basic emergency supply kit checklist.

Have an Evacuation Plan - Help create an evacuation plan that is specific to the need of the older adult by sitting down with them individually or by planning a community/ neighborhood meeting with a local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), officials or experts. A contact should be identified so that an older adult can check in with a designated person to notify them that they are ok. If evacuation is necessary older adults may have mobility issues which require additional planning such as the need to have a clear path to exit for a wheelchair or battery power for a scooter, or a set of shoes and a jacket nearby. If shelter in place is required make sure an older adult knows where main gas, water or electricity valves are and how to shut them off if required.

Fraud and Senior Scams after a Disaster or Emergency - Unfortunately after a disaster or emergency many people will try to take advantage of older adults by visiting or calling and asking for personal information. They may pretend to be from Social Security, another Government agency, insurance company or contractor to fix damage which may have occurred. Seniors are encouraged to reach out or call these agencies directly rather than being called upon to ensure that they are legitimate.  

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