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WHATFire Safety booklet providing lifesaving information and tips on how seniors and their caregivers can stay safe in a fire emergency.
WHYTo help save lives and prevent injury in a high-risk group such as older adults who are more likely to be victims of home fires.
WHEREFDNY Foundation.
New York City Fire Department. Fire Safety Education Unit.
New York, NY, USA.

Program Description

“…you can retire fire by taking care of yourself and influencing others, such as your neighbors, friends and family, about fire safety. People can and have saved their own lives.”

“Smokers are seven times more likely than nonsmokers to be fire victims. Smoking materials are the NUMBER ONE cause of home fires that kill seniors.”

Information and knowledge are critical for disaster preparedness and can mean the difference between life and death for older adults.
Fire safety information and tips for older adults include:

  • How to Prevent Smoking Fires.
  • How to Prevent Electrical Fires.
  • How to Prevent Home Heating Fires.
  • How to Prevent Kitchen Fires and Injuries.
  • How to Treat A Burn.
  • How to Stop Clothing Fires.
  • How to Make a Fire Escape Plan.
  • What to Do if There is a Fire in Your Home.
  • Smoke Alarm Maintenance.

A useful Home Fire Safety Checklist for seniors is available on the program website covering the following questions.

  • Do you have at least one operable smoke alarm?
  • Do you have at least one operable carbon monoxide alarm?
  • Are all electrical cords in good condition (not frayed or cracked)?
  • Are all electrical cords in the open, not run under rugs or through doorways?
  • Are space heaters placed at least three feet from combustibles?
  • Are space heaters plugged directly into wall sockets and not into extension cords?
  • Is your apartment door fireproof and self-closing?
  • Is your fire escape window clear and unobstructed?
  • If you have a security gate, is it FDNY approved?
  • Can all windows be opened easily from the inside?
  • Are building stairways free of storage and rubbish?
  • Are stairway fire doors fireproof, self-closing, and kept closed?
  • Are exit lights in the stairway in good working order?
  • Do you have operable flashlights handy?
  • Do you have a fire escape plan?


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