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WHATInformation, resources and guides related to highway and road safety for mature drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists.
WHYTo provide information on mature driver safety for seniors, family members, caregivers, law enforcement, medical professionals, transportation engineers and planners which can save lives and prevent car related accidents.
WHEREClearinghouse for Older Road User Safety. (ChORUS)
The Roadway Safety Foundation.
U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Washington, DC, USA.

Program Description

“The longer we live, the more it is inevitable that we will need to change some of our habits but that doesn’t have to mean giving up independence.
ChORUS provides you with ideas and resources for extending your safe driving years.”

“Infrastructure solutions are integral to enhance safety for the aging road user. ChORUS, therefore, provides quick and easy access to design guidelines for the aging population, technical documents, case studies and success stories, and information about innovative financing solutions.”

“Clearinghouse also promotes safe cycling and walking, provides support for families and caregivers concerned about their loved ones, and highlights alternative transportation options that may be available.”

The Clearinghouse for Older Road User Safety covers the following areas of road safety for seniors:

Safe Roadways - retroreflective signage to help older drivers navigate at night, high-visibility crosswalks to allow older adults to see pedestrians, left-turn lanes to improve sight at intersections and prevent deadly right-angle crashes.

Safe Road Users - self-assessments and refresher driver courses to support aging drivers and information on state-specific licensing information for older adults.

Safe Vehicles - vehicle safety technologies to promote safer vehicles for seniors, tips for older adults on what features to look for in a car and more.

Guides for mature driver safety include:

Older Drivers Guide – tips for older adults to stay safe on the road and alternatives if the time comes to give up the keys. Topics include:

  • Planning for Road Safety
  • Knowing the Signs - Am I Safe on the Road?
  • Screening and Assessment Tools
  • Medical Conditions and Safe Road Use
  • Vehicle Safety Features
  • State Specific Resources

Medical Professionals Guide - helps medical professionals discuss driving safety with older adult patients and provide referrals to allow them to drive safely as long as possible. Topics include:

  • Identifying Medically At-Risk Drivers
  • Integrating Driver Safety in Office Visits and Patient Encounters
  • Assessing Functional Abilities for Driving
  • Decreasing Risks Through Interventions
  • Patient Education: Medications and Safe Driving
  • The Impact of Cognitive Impairments on Driver Safety
  • The Impact of Medical Conditions on Driver Safety
  • The Impact of Advanced Age on Driver Safety
  • Advising the Older Patient About Driving Retirement

Family Members/Caregivers Guide - help navigating road user safety with older adults by providing ice breakers, tips, tools, and resources to help start the conversation. Topics include:

  • When should I talk to someone about their road user safety?
  • Are there Medical Conditions, Changes in Vision, or Other Considerations that Impact Older Road User Safety?
  • How do I prepare for the conversation?
  • How can we work together with someone to develop a safe driver plan?
  • Are there driver assessments and evaluations that will help us plan?
  • Are there options we can consider to improve the safety of our vehicle?
  • How should we work together to budget for transportation costs?
  • What do I need to know about laws and resources in my state?

State Driver Licensing Agency Older Driver Safety Guide – information for State driver licensing agencies from counter workers to state driver licensing agency administrators on how to help mature drivers stay safe. Topics include:

  • Screening and Assessment Tools
  • Training for Counter Staff
  • State Older Driver Policies
  • Data and Other Resources

Law Enforcement Professionals Guide - law enforcement is trained to answer specific state questions about licensing procedures and help families explore transportation alternatives for seniors in their community who are no longer able to drive safely. They are also trained on how to show older drivers’ kindness and compassion while keeping the roads safe. Topics include:

  • How to Screen Drivers for Cognitive Impairment
  • Assessment Tools
  • Training for Law Enforcement
  • Law Enforcement Quick Reference Guides
  • Community Outreach Tools
  • State Specific Laws and Resources

Transportation Engineers/Planners – designing roadways and highways to accommodate aging drivers and improve safety for all motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.

  • Research
  • Communicating Your Work to the Public
  • Designing Roadways with Older Adults in Mind
  • Noteworthy Practices and Success Stories
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