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WHATA Memory Café or Alzheimer's Café provides a break or respite from the daily routine of coping with dementia and dementia related stresses and issues. Dementia caregivers and those with dementia can explore art, music, poetry and socialization with a chance to laugh and let go.
WHYMemory Café s offer a chance for people with dementia, dementia caregivers, and family members to have fun and socialize giving them a break from the stress of coping with dementia. Memory Cafés can provide a place of comfort preventing loneliness and isolation experienced by dementia caregivers and those with dementia.
WHEREMemory Cafés.
Available Across the USA and Europe.

Program Description

"The Neighborhood Memory Cafe is a place where individuals with memory loss and their caregivers can get together in a safe, supportive, and engaging environment. It is a time and place where people can interact, laugh, cry, find support, share concerns and celebrate without feeling embarrassed or misunderstood. The Neighborhood Memory Café encourages friendship and acceptance."

The Memory Cafe concept originated in England and has since expanded across the world.

A Memory Café is a casual social meeting for those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias and their caregivers, family and friends.

Memory Café is usually free for those with dementia and dementia caregivers as many Memory Café’s look for sponsors. however there may be a small fee for refreshments.

US Memory Cafés and European Memory Cafés can have a different focus but generally all act as a respite for dementia caregivers.

Memory Cafés explore art, music, poetry and socialization with a chance to laugh and let go.

Some Memory Cafés also choose to combine fun social interaction with presentations, discussions, and professional advice on dementia and caregiving issues.

ThirdAge Services has put together a guide called the, ‘Neighborhood Memory Café Toolkit’ which helps people learn how to open a Memory Café. ThirdAge Services is an organization which helps people in the “Third Age” and other individuals with financial and daily living needs.

Tips for How to open a Memory Café include:

-Choose a space with a warm and inviting atmosphere and comfortable furniture.
-Provide snacks, fruit, and drinks.
-Ask sponsors to provide a venue and or snack for the events.

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