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WHATStonewall Housing advocates for older LGBT housing. The organization aims to increase awareness of the need for greater LGBT housing to policy makers, developers, landlords and the community.
WHYTo support the older LGBT community with their housing options as they age into retirement.
WHEREStonewall Housing.
United Kingdom UK.

Program Description

"In an ever-increasing ageing population it is amazing that no one is talking about older lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people and their housing issues."

"Manchester has the largest LGBT community outside London, which is an important part of the social and cultural history of the City and the North West."

Stonewall Housing partnered with Opening Doors London, Age UK and Rainbow Hamlets to hold the National Older LGBT Housing Network Conference to debate the future of housing for older LGBT people.

Stonewall Housing Manchester older LGBT Housing Group has published a free LGBT housing guide for the older LGBT community.  

The guide helps older LGBT people with topics such as: how to looking for a home, housing options, solving problems, dealing with hate crime, financial support and housing law.

Stonewall Housing is also involved in the One Small Step Project. Volunteers in London can help reduce isolation in the older LGBT population with day-to-day tasks and errands such as shopping for groceries, help around the house, walking dogs etc.

Stonewall Housing aims to help older LGBT people:

  • Share their positive and negative experiences of current housing, care and support services.
  • Access advice and support to prevent isolation and tackle harassment and abuse.
  • Shape policy and practices on a local, regional and national level.
  • Act as a resource for researchers, providers, policy and decision makers.
  • Enhance their skills and knowledge through involvement in innovative projects.
  • Confront developers and commissioners with their preferences for housing, care and support services.
  • Develop best practice guides and charter mark for providers of services to improve housing, care and support services offered to LGBT people.
  • Influence what services will be developed in the future such as a new cohousing project for older LGBT people or LGBT people of various ages.

Stonewall Housing is a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) housing advice and support provider. The organization aims to provide housing support for LGBT people in their own homes, supported housing for young LGBT people, as well as free, confidential housing advice for LGBT people of all ages. Stonewall Housing also  lobbies for LGBT housing rights.

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