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WHATAffordable housing apartments for grandparents raising grandchildren.
WHYThe apartments are designed to support for the specific needs of grandfamilies.
WHEREMission First Housing Group. Golden Rule Plaza. Washington, DC.

Program Description

“The combined housing and services program aims to promote healthy grandfamily bonding, housing stabilization, peer-to-peer support, recreational experiences, and resources for success in school, work and the community.” “Onsite social services are available, specifically tailored for seniors and children.”

Plaza West provides affordable apartments that are physically right-sized for intergenerational and grandfamililes along with support services.

The apartments provide affordable housing for older adults taking care of grandchildren who are raising grandchildren where the parent is not present.  

Support services provide age-appropriate recreational spaces for infants, children, teenagers and seniors.

Support services available to grandfamilies include:

  • Social services and case management referral and follow-up including educational, health and welfare resources.
  • On-site programs to nurture the healthy development of children and youth living on site, and to help grandparents meet the challenge of parenting grandchildren.
  • Onsite programming, recreation, activity room, fitness room.
  • Academic support and learning.
  • Connections and bonding with other grandfamilies.
  • Legal aid.
  • Financial literacy.
  • Job training and employment
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