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WHATOnline questionnaire (also known as the HOOP program) helps elderly think about the ease of living in their current home and figures out if home modifications may be required or alternate housing arrangements such as co-housing, assisted living, retirement home or a care home may be of benefit. Suggestions and guidance are provided by advisors from the Elderly Accommodation Counsel.
WHYTo help seniors, their family or carers (caregivers) resolve any problems seniors may be having with mobility, access, comfort or independence in their homes as they age.
WHEREHousing Options for Older People (HOOP)
Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC)
East, East Midlands, London, North East, North West, South East, South West, West Midlands, Yorkshire & Humberside, United Kingdom.

Program Description

"It is in 'older' old age that the real pressures come for the majority, as people are faced with reduced physical ability, static or reducing income, bereavement, loneliness and growing vulnerability to crime and accidents in the home. All these are factors which may push older people into looking for a move to somewhere which will be cheaper and easier to run, more suitably designed or located and offering more human company, more security from crime and reassurance in case of an accident. It is not easy for people to make housing choices in later life because of the uncertainties around personal circumstances and the availability of support."
- HOOP Report - source:

Suggestions for senior housing may range from simple home modifications for seniors in order to improve their independence such as adding grab bars, handrails, ramps etc., to moving into a nursing care home.

The "Housing Options Self Appraisal Questionnaire " Program helps:

-Elderly think about what their main housing housing requirements and needs are for both the present and the future
-Elderly see how well their current home meets their needs
-Provide elderly with information and services for home renovations and modidfications so that they may age in place in their own home more comfortably
-Provide elderly with affordable housing options and information if they would like to move out of their home

Questions that may be asked are designed to gather more information on the below concerns that seniors may have:

-Housework is becoming difficult for the senior
-Maintenance problems with the senior's home
-The elder lives too far from family
-The elder is no longer able to go up and down stairs in their home
-Loneliness and senior depression
-The elder is no longer able to drive greatly effecting their independence
-The cost of maintaining their home is too high
-Fear of being a victim of crime
-The worry and anxiety of being alone when ill or an accident occurs
-Not wishing to become burden on family or friends

After seniors complete the Housing Options Self Appraisal Questionnaire they may ask for help on housing and home modifications options from an advisor from the Elderly Accommodation Counsel who will contact the senior to discuss additional senior housing information or guidance.


Annual EAC National Housing for Older People Awards Program - Elderly residents rate their retirement housing, sheltered housing, assisted living, or extra care home for an annual award for best senior housing by using a deck of cards.

FirstStop Senior Housing Advice and Senior Care Advice Program - Free information and advice line for seniors, their families and carers about the various senior housing and care options

Over 60s Art Awards for Seniors Program - Art Awards competition celebrating the talent and creativity of senior artists who are anywhere between the ages of 60 and over 100 years old.

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