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WHATThe "Granny Pod" or "MEDCottage" is a modular pre-fabricated senior housing alternative to long-term care or a nursing home.The home comes equipped with built in home modifications for seniors such as grab bars, lighted floor boards, security cameras and other smart technology for senior safety. The portable elderly housing units are designed to be placed in the backyard (or connected through walkway) to the family caregivers home for easy eldercare access.
WHYPortable elderly housing provides alternatives to long-term care in nursing homes by giving seniors their own safe, monitored space while still being able to live next to a family member or caregiver. Seniors are able to live independent and private lives with loved ones and caregivers next door.
Ken Dupin-Founder.
Company based in Virginia, USA.
Granny Pod's are available through distributors.
Assistance in Design from Virginia Tech College of Engineering.

Program Description

Portable elderly housing or “Granny Pods” are an affordable alternative to nursing homes and can be used for rehabilitation or long-term care.

The “Granny Pod” is a modular senior housing unit providing 24 hour monitoring next to a senior caregiver's home. The senior housing unit contains a sleeping, bathing, cooking, and living area in a 12 foot by 24 foot area. Units are transported and installed in the back yard similar to a mobile home.

The portable elderly housing unit can be bought or leased. The “Granny Cottage” costs approximately $85,000 and can be bought back by the companies’ distributors at a reduced cost. N2Care believes that this form of portable elderly housing is worth considering since nursing home costs can run up close to this amount every year.

“Granny Pods” have been referred to as state-of-the-art hospital rooms for elderly complete with remote monitoring. This type of senior housing provides family caregivers with peace of mind knowing they are involved in caring for a loved one. The “Granny Pods” were inspired by the well-known “Granny flats” in Australia.

Some of the "Granny Pods" features include:

  • 288 square feet unit (12 ft x 24 ft)
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • 24 hour camera surveillance motion sensors
  • Monitoring system for health conditions
  • Fall prevention monitoring through feet sweep floor level cameras
  • Electricity and water connected directly to homeowner's utilities
  • A kitchen with a small refrigerator, microwave, and medication dispenser
  • Bedroom and additional accommodation for a caregiver's visit
  • Handicapped accessible bathroom
  • Adjustable hospital bed
  • Cushioned flooring
  • Intercom system
  • Lift and mobilization track systems

Smart technology features in this type of portable elder housing include the ability to:

-Monitor vital signs, blood pressure, glucose, heart rate and blood gases
-Filter the air for contaminants
-Sensors which alert caregivers to problems
-Medication reminders provided by computers
-Entertainment including music, literature and movies

Family caregivers can monitor the status of a loved one such as vital signs and medications taken through a smart phone.

The aim of “N2Care” company is to revolutionize options for quality senior care.




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