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WHATProvides support, marketing and development assistance for cohousing communities.
WHYTo provide consulting services to groups interested in starting their own cohousing community. To provide an affordable housing option for older adults and others.
WHERECoHousing Solutions.
Founder - Katie McCamant. Nevada City, California, USA.

Program Description

“Most communities don't start with thirty families they start with three or six and that's who usually is the core group that gets the land under contract and gets the project off the ground and then they're looking for other people who want to buy into that type of neighborhood and grow the community as they are moving themselves through the development process. There are now over two hundred cohousing communities across North America.”
- CoHousing Solutions Founder - Katie McCamant. video: Forming a Cohousing Community, with Katie McCamant.

“Cohousing communities are intentional, collaborative neighborhoods that combine extensive common facilities with private homes to create strong and successful housing developments.”

“Cohousing aims to address the largest obstacles to aging gracefully, including the isolating, over-sterilized, impersonal environments of nursing homes and elderly care facilities. Aging in community allows for a boost in social interaction among seniors and offers an important safety net of inclusion.”

“Our firm understands how to structure relationships between resident groups (ultimately, the home buyers of a completed project), developers and professional service providers (those with or without cohousing experience) including financiers, builders, contractors, and government officials.”

Many cohousing communities are townhouse or condominium developments with a homeowner’s association.

CoHousing Solutions provides the following services to help start a co-housing community:

  • How to start a co-housing group.
  • Site search and feasibility.
  • How to find a developer.
  • How to set up an HOA.
  • Overseeing the process of planning approvals.
  • Outreach and marketing.
  • Budget and construction financing packages.
  • Assisting with move-in.

Senior Cohousing can be an attractive affordable housing option due to the following:

  • Ability to age in a neighborhood community.
  • Rising housing prices.
  • By 2030 the boomer demographic will represent approximately 20% of the population.
  • Easier for older adults to make social connections and establish meaningful relationships.
  • Environmentally sustainable due to shared resources.
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