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WHATCohoUS helps form and support cohousing communities which include private homes with shared common areas, and the opportunity for intergenerational skills sharing and collaborative decision-making.
WHYTo increase awareness and promote the benefits of cohousing communities.
The Cohousing Association of the United States.

Program Description

“Cohousing is community intentionally designed with ample common spaces surrounded by private homes. Collaborative spaces typically include a common house with a large kitchen and dining room, laundry, and recreational areas and outdoor walkways, open space, gardens, and parking. Neighbors use these spaces to play together, cook for one another, share tools, and work collaboratively. Common property is managed and maintained by community members, providing even more opportunities for growing relationships.”

“Living together across generations has benefits for all ages. Those at different stages of life tend to have different needs and abilities to help one another. The senior who is no longer able to drive may be the perfect person to keep a eye on a mostly independent middle schooler whose mother works through the afternoon and picks up groceries for both households on the way home.”

CohoUS helps with marketing, cohousing education and networking to create and support cohousing communities.

Cohousing communities consist of private homes with common spaces for shared meals, activities and celebrations. Members of all generations can participate in the community through skills sharing and decision making. 

The concept promotes and supports the environment through green living and the aim of creating a small environmental footprint.

Some benefits of cohousing include:

  • Shared costs and expenses.
  • Help maintaining a home and common areas.
  • Improved health and well being.
  • Reduced social isolation.
  • Community building.
  • Shared resources and skills.
  • Shared transportation.
  • Environmentally friendly.


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