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WHATLinks individuals looking to share housing and cohousing groups together to share resources.
WHYTo increase awareness and promote the economic and environmental sustainability benefits of homesharing and cohousing communities.
WHERECanadian Cohousing Network. British Columbia, Canada.

Program Description

“every age group here all the way from infants to elders and everywhere in between you can find here.”
-video:Building Community with Cohousing

“Cohousing can be either purpose built new developments, or retrofitted existing ones such as condominiums, faith-based groups, neighborhood villages, housing co-operatives and even trailer parks anywhere where elderly people traditionally live and gather using the principles of co-caring that senior cohousing is based.”
–‘Innovating Seniors Housing 2016’ by the Canadian Senior Cohousing Society.

“The social innovation that Canadian Senior Cohousing Society promoted was radical: to reframe societal expectations that aging means increasing passivity, social isolation, and dependency. Instead, Canadian Senior Cohousing Society envisioned an elderhood rich in social connection where Canadians could flourish through mutual support while reducing the burden on health care systems and families.”

The Canadian Cohousing Network has information and resources on how to start a cohousing community in Canada.

Cohousing can be an affordable housing solution for older adults and others.

Intergenerational home sharing provides benefits for all age groups. Older adults can benefit through increased opportunities to become involved in a community such as engaging in activities with neighbors, participating in clubs, outings, gardening, sharing meals, help with errands, petcare, helping with childcare, community planning and more.

The Canadian Cohousing Network works to:

  • Promote and facilitate the development of cohousing communities across Canada.
  • Foster public, government, and building professions’ awareness about the nature and benefits of cohousing.
  • Provide educational services for creating cohousing communities.
  • Enable networking opportunities for those interested in cohousing.
  • Establish standards for cohousing development including accreditation of cohousing professionals.
  • Maintain a cohousing resource directory and provide support services to groups involved in creating cohousing communities.

The Canadian Senior Cohousing Society has an guide for older adults interested in cohousing which covers how to start, build and design a community, homecare verses co-care, existing cohousing communities in Canada and more called Innovating Seniors Housing

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