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WHATAn intergenerational living initiative that uses social workers to match seniors who have spare bedrooms with students needing affordable housing.
WHYTo provide a supportive way for older adults to age in place comfortably in their own homes while providing an affordable housing solution for post-secondary students.
WHERECanada HomeShare.
National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly.

Program Description

“The house was very quiet and I was lonely. I see my kids on weekends, but they are all working so we thought HomeShare would be a great idea.”
- Pam Bliss source: 'Toronto seniors and students coming together under one roof'

“Why not fill some of these empty bedrooms with students facing an unaffordable rental crisis and having trouble finding safe housing near schools?”

“The benefits are two-fold, according to Tanner, as older adults can avail of extra income and a pair of hands to help with everything from opening a jar of peanut butter to mowing the lawn, for a total of up to seven hours a week.”
– ‘Taking the fear out of living alone HomeShare program launches in Kingston’

Seniors looking to rent out a spare room meet with a HomeShare social worker to clarify needs and answer questions.

Social workers provide background checks, an intergenerational roommate match, ongoing support, regular follow-ups and mediation throughout the homeshare agreement.

Benefits for seniors of an intergenerational match include:

Supplemental income from rent
Houshold chores
Snow shoveling
Grocery delivery
Meal preparation
Help with errands
House cleaning
Walking or help caring for a pet

The National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly conducts aging related research,
provides training in geriatric care and advocates for policy changes for the care of older adults.

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