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WHATAffordable intergenerational housing where older adults, grandparents raising grandchildren, parents and children adopted from foster care live together in the same supportive community.
WHYTo provide supportive housing for seniors and people of all different ages and stages of life in a nurturing environment. To prevent social isolation and loneliness of older adults who may otherwise be living alone and to support families and children in need.
WHEREBridge Meadows.
Portland, Oregon, USA.

Program Description

“Older adults between 55 and 95 live in apartments on-site, supporting the families by mentoring and caring for the children. Elders take the kids to swimming lessons, help with homework, or just provide the love, oversight and companionship that leads to becoming extended family members. In return, elders gain a purpose, a crucial one and a reprieve from the social isolation common to older Americans.”

"Dr. Derenda Schubert, Executive Director of Bridge Meadows, says, 'Our goal is to increase health and wellbeing for all generations through connection and relationship. The community support is powerful medicine. Though we can’t erase the trauma of foster care, we can build resilience, trust and love. We can ensure that nobody feels like they are alone here.' ” a place to call home: Building Affordable Housing for Grandfamilies

Multigenerational supportive housing can increase safety, security and the quality of life for older adults, parents and children.
Older adults live in the Bridge Meadows community and also serve as mentors and caregivers to children.
Seniors are able to socialize and form relationships and friendships with other older adults and parents.

The multigenerational neighborhood creates a community of safety and interdependence.

The model allows for older adults to contribute their skills and talents to the community and strengthens their sense of purpose.

Older adults contribute by providing:

  • Childcare/babysitting.
  • Respite for parents.
  • Mentoring, tutoring and academic support for children.
  • Advice and storytelling.

Bridge Meadows intergenerational communities are designed to encourage interactions between different generations. Townhomes are surrounded by porches, gardens and a central courtyard. Residents have access to a multi-purpose community room, library, computer room, and art gallery.

Clinical staff and social workers provide support programs services including:

  • Matching the interests and skills of older adults with the needs of the community.
  • Support community members in working through any conflicts.
  • Mental health counselling and therapy.

Families interested in living in the community must be in Requirements the process of adopting or fostering youth. Older adults must be over 55+ and pass a criminal background check.

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