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WHATResearching innovative solutions and practices to shelter and provide affordable housing for older adults.
WHYTo support older adults to live as long as possible in their homes and communities by evaluating affordable housing options and shelter to homeless older adults if required.
WHERECanadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SHHRC).
Montréal, Calgary, and Vancouver, Canada.
Simon Fraser University. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Program Description

“Canada’s older homeless population is increasing. However, they are largely invisible in terms of research. Though there are many different programs in place across the country, there is no clear one-size-fits-all solution.”

“The ability to put a human face to these experiences and to hear directly what their journey has been, is a really powerful thing…it helps new researchers grasp the importance of the work and see who it will benefit.”

“The Aging in the Right Place Partnership is a five year, three-city project to evaluate innovative solutions to supporting older people who are experiencing homelessness. Researchers in Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver are working with housing providers and stakeholders to bring a partnered, community-based approach to measuring what works, why it works, and for whom it works.”

Aging in the Right Place aims to make recommendations and train new researchers on homelessness, affordable housing, and aging related research and increase public awareness of older people experiencing homelessness through public lectures, media, interviews, publications, and photo exhibits.

Aging in the Right Place works with the following framework to conduct research, help fight homelessness in older adults and allow seniors to age in place:

-Environment of housing and surrounding neighborhood
-Offsite and onsite health and social services and resources
-Social integration
-Stability and housing affordability
-Emotional place attachment
-Political and economic contexts.

Research by Aging in the Right Place identified several categories of shelter/housing for older adults experiencing homelessness including: 

• Emergency, temporary, or transitional shelter/housing with supports
• Independent housing with offsite supports
• Supported independent housing with onsite non-medical supports
• Permanent supportive housing with onsite medical support and/or specialized services
• Long-term care
• Palliative care/hospice 


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