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WHATVolunteers from Habitat for Humanity "spring clean" homes of the elderly who are on welfare or living alone.
WHYTo provide assistance to elderly who are unable to keep their home in order due to age or poor health.
WHEREHabitat for Humanity.

Program Description

“This is also a good opportunity for young people - not only by helping the elderly to carry and move furniture or cleaning, but you get to communicate and build relationships with the elderly. You have the chance to meet people from different generations and background. I felt good and refreshed even though I perspired all over!”

-Volunteer Yu Kawahara

"Smile Operation also has an important safety aspect. According to HFH Japan's acting national director Daniel Tay, elderly people are often the most affected when earthquakes and earth tremors, both relatively common, strike in Japan. First, because they often live in old houses which could hardly withstand an earthquake and secondly, they are either unable or unwilling to evacuate in such a disaster, resulting in serious injuries."

Volunteers also help safety proof elderly homes for earthquakes as much as possible through minor repairs such as securing wiring etc.


Find out more about the "Smile Operation" Program with Habitat for Humanity Japan

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