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WHATIn-home senior service exchange and banked service hours help support seniors.
In exchange for driving an individual to a doctors appointment one can return the favor when a skill of theirs is needed in the community. All community members are able to be contacted so that they can to give back in a way which they are able.
WHYA "no money" way to use the unique skills of individuals in a community while providing a valuable service allowing seniors to live independently in their own homes.
WHEREPartners in Care.
Pasadena, Maryland, USA.

Program Description

"Help someone read their mail and in exchange have a ride to a medical appointment. Pick up groceries for a neighbor and in exchange have your computer repaired. Use your handyman skills to fix someone's leaky faucet and in exchange have your errands run by a friendly helper. Work in the Upscale, Resale Boutique a few hours and in exchange have a ride to the airport.

The "Partners in Care" Program matches seniors and others in the community who need in-home services, tasks or errands completed with members of the community who are skilled in those particular areas.

As one completes tasks for others they bank hours so that they can then call on someone skilled to complete a future errand for themselves.

The "Partners in Care" Program allows for aging in place by assisting with small senior
in-home services that could be large enough in importance to not allow seniors to live on their own and be placed in assisted living.

Reciprocity is the focus rather than charity which many seniors have a problem in accepting and therefore the stigma of accepting help is diminished.

Some of the services offered include: transportation, respite care for caregivers, filling out forms, yard work and home repairs.

Seniors in the "Partners in Care" Program have commented that it has provided a feeling of care received that money can not buy.


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