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WHATHelps Canadians with a medical or physical disability by providing them with free guide dogs.
WHYTo help those who are blind or visually impaired, deaf, in a wheelchair, or have other disabilities to be able to get around and live independent lives.
WHERELions Foundation of Canada. Program available Across Canada.

Program Description

"He's my ears, he hears sounds for me, I feel a lot more secure
now than I did before."

-Quoted from an elderly woman who uses a dog guide source: Visogive Video on Dog Guides

The Canine Vision Canada program assists seniors and others who are blind or visually impaired. Dog Guides are trained to assist their handlers in navigating obstacles  found on daily routes, including curbs, steps and crowds.

Hearing Ear Dog Guides assist those who are deaf or hard of hearing to detect sounds they are unable to hear on their own. Dogs have been trained to distinguish sounds, make physical contact with their handlers and lead them to whatever is making the noise for example when someone at the door, or an alarm clock or phone is ringing. Dog guide are able to provide safety for seniors or others with a disability in the case of fire, and other emergencies by alerting their owners to the sound of a fire alarm.

An assistance dog can help individuals pick up dropped items or get around in a wheelchair.

Seniors and others with disabilities can feel free to safely go about their day. Handlers feel can feel confident to pursue their daily lives, careers and other activities in their communities.

The “Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides” has two training facilities in Ontario which serve Canadians across the country.

The Foster Puppy Program: Those who want to help the elderly or those with disabilities can do so by fostering a puppy who will grow up to be a Dog Guide. Puppies are bred at the Foundation’s facility in Breslau, Ontario and at eight weeks of age are placed in foster homes until they return for formal training at one year of age. Foster families attend puppy classes and are responsible for housetraining puppies, teach them manners, basic obedience, and socializing them by taking them to public places such as offices, shopping malls, grocery stores and public transportation. Dog food and any veterinary care is provided by the “Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides” Program.

Seizure Response Dog Guides and Autism Assistance Dog Guides are also available to those who require assistance.





Therapeutic Paws of Canada Therapy Dog Visitation Program
- Ontario, Canada. Volunteer pet handers and pets make regular visits seniors in nursing homes. To provide a stimulating activity for seniors in nursing homes and other individuals where needed.

Ottawa Therapy Dogs Program - Ottawa, Canada. Provides animal-assisted activity and animal-assisted therapy programs in health care setting such as rehab hospitals, long-term care facilities, hospitals, mental health programs, nursing and retirement homes and day programs.

East Central Therapy Dog Program -Ontario, Canada. Therapy dogs in nursing home and hospitals bring a change to a senior's daily routine. Therapy dogs and volunteers are able to contribute to the community by providing seniors with nursing home activities, and unconditional love.

Pets and Friends Program - British Columbia, Canada. Provides free pet visitation and animal assisted activities to long-term care facilities, to interact with the disabled, elderly, chronically ill and mentally ill.

Pacific Animal Therapy Society Program - British Columbia, Canada. Animal therapy program where volunteers take their pets to visit seniors in hospitals, retirement facilities, group homes, long-term care facilities and other facilities where residents benefit from interaction with pets.

Therapy Dogs International Nursing Home Program
- Across the USA and areas in Canada. Provides free visits of dogs to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, hospices and other facilities to provide regular animal assisted therapy, an interactive nursing home activity and to give companionship to elderly.

Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program - Program widely available across the United States, Canada, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Norway, and several other countries.
Trains pet owners and pets on how to visit nursing homes, hospice, hospitals, physical therapy centers, long-term care facilities and other facilities to provide animal assisted activities.

Therapy Dogs Inc. Program - Program available across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Territories. Provides registration, support, and insurance for those involved in volunteer animal assisted activities.

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