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WHATFree service dogs for older adults and others who are deaf or those with hearing loss.
WHYSo that those who are deaf or have hearing loss can lead independent and safe lives with the help of trained service dogs.
WHEREInternational Hearing Dog. Based in Colorado, USA.
Across USA, Canada, Japan, Norway, and Australia.

Program Description

“Hearing people, such as family members or friends, can also be supportive. However, this can rob many deaf or hard-of-hearing persons of an independent life, creating a dependence-responsibility relationship. What is the most successful way to bring persons with hearing loss into the mainstream... Hearing Dogs.”

“After applicants have been identified, we match the applicant with the dog that best suits his or her needs and requirements. Each dog is then custom-trained to work for the sounds the applicant requests.”

Hearing dogs can be trained to alert hard of hearing persons on the following sounds:

  • Doorbell, knock, apartment buzzer
  • Telephone
  • A name being called
  • Emergency fire, police, smoke, ambulance, or home alarms
  • Horns
  • Alarm clocks
  • Intruders

Hearing dogs are matched with a deaf or hard of hearing applicant for a trial period and provided with ongoing support from a dog trainer.

To apply for a free service dog applicants must:

  • Have at least a 65 decibel hearing loss (unaided)
  • Live alone or with other persons who are deaf or hard of hearing (will consider applicants who live with one hearing person)
  • Do not have another dog in the home.
  • Are physically able and willing to care for and continue the training of a hearing dog.
  • Provide a copy of most recent hearing test.
  • Provide a photo of the applicant.
  • Provide general (blueprint-like) drawing or pictures of the residence the Hearing Dog will reside.

Additional qualifying questions related to lifestyle such as an individual’s living situation, school or work status and health issues may be asked.

In addition to training and providing hearing dogs, International Hearing Dog also places companion therapy dogs and emotional support dogs. 

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