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WHATFree grocery and supply delivery for elderly and at-risk individuals who are unable or do not want to risk going shopping for essentials items during the COVID-19 pandemic.
WHYTo help support and reach out to elderly and at-risk individuals who may not have any other means to secure grocery and supplies.
Global Prep Academy. Founders - Zoe Monterola and Eric Luo.
Los Angeles, California, USA.

Program Description

“A student-led initiative that delivers the supplies that you need with
love (& safety), all at zero-cost.”

“We can then get these at-risk individuals the essentials that they need to get through this tough time while reducing the spread of COVID-19 and reminding them they’re not alone.”

“…we are able to deliver the supplies that people need, while also remaining complaint to the CDC's guidelines to social distancing. We pay notable attention to ensuring that we reduce as much person to person contact as possible.”

“The shopping trips, she says ‘have opened a whole new world for me. I was always living in my own little bubble. I didn’t know how bad this pandemic was.’ ” - Sharia Busnawi,16. article:Teen volunteers organize service to help most vulnerable during coronavirus outbreak.

Six Feet Supplies was set up by a group of young student leaders and was quickly able to organize, set up operations and meet the need for helping the elderly and at-risk individuals. The organization and website was up and running by late March of 2020 soon after the pandemic hit.

The name Six Feet Supplies comes from the social distance requirement of staying six feet away from others.

Volunteers deliver groceries and supplies, use masks and are equipped with hand sanitizer. Volunteers are also screened to ensure that they do not live with an at-risk person at home. works through a three step process:

  • Order - elderly or at-risk individuals place a grocery or supply order directly through the Six Feet Supplies website.
  • Communicate - an assigned delivery person will contact the elderly or at-risk individual through email, text, or call. Order placers are able to request changes to their order or ask for other assistance.
  • Order is received – an image of the receipt is sent and groceries are delivered to doorstep.

Students are reimbursed with a payment left in cash (envelope left outside ) or electronically through venmo.

Although there is no physical contact between the person who requests the order and the delivery volunteer, clients are grateful and leave thank you notes on porches or through email.  

Global Prep Academy is an innovative educational program encouraging intellectual vitality, collaboration, and problem-solving preparing students to become well-rounded global citizens, equipped with the necessary soft and hard skills to navigate our rapidly-changing economy.

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