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WHATSenior Care Pharmacists are consultant pharmacists serving older adults.
WHYTo educate older adults and caregivers about medication safety and usage along with special circumstances and chronic conditions which may come about as one ages.
WHERESenior Care Pharmacists. American Society of Consultant Pharmacists.

Program Description

“As we grow older we take more medicines and our bodies may not react in the same way as when we were younger which raises questions. What happens if I take too many medicines, not enough medicine, the wrong medicines?”

“Senior care pharmacists specialize in geriatric care and understand the complexities that seniors face when it comes to managing their medicines.”

Senior care pharmacists aim to help older adults identify risks, resolve, and prevent problems related to medications.

Typically Senior Care Pharmacists are employed by a pharmacy or a nursing care facility. In some cases consulting services may be covered by health care insurance.

The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists is active in advocating for policies that increase awareness of senior care pharmacist and promote medication care for older adults.

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