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WHATThe Rise Campaign works to reduce social isolation and loneliness among older adults.
WHYTo increase awareness of senior social isolation through education. To partner with organizations, family members, friends, neighbors, and older adults so that they can take action and help fight the problem of loneliness.
HelpAge Canada.

Program Description

"Social isolation is different than loneliness, which is the senior’s perception of a lack of interaction or contact with others. Social isolation increases the likelihood of loneliness, but a person can perceive being lonely even when in the company of others.

The RISE Campaign is a national campaign. In addition to raising awareness, the campaign hopes to encourage communities to provide more senior services and activities which will help reduce senior social isolation.

The initiative believes that if seniors are given tools to help connect to their community in early stages of isolation, then they are less at risk of greater isolation.

Aging related issues which may make older adults prone to social isolation include:

  • Changes in vision and hearing or mobility issues.
  • Loss of a loved one or living alone.
  • Relocation or housing security issues.
  • Limited transportation
  • Ageism.
  • Elder abuse.

The campaign encourages people to help end loneliness and isolation among older adults by providing educational materials on their website. Posters and brochures are available for download which educate the public and explain the issue of social isolation and how to help elderly who are vulnerable.

Cold climates can further isolate the elderly. The Rise Campaign has specific advice for how to help elderly in the winter months such as arranging the following:

-In home delivery of prescription medicine, groceries
-In-home visits from health care providers or services such as haircuts.
-Drop in social visit.
-Transportation for social activities and errands.
-Clearing of walkways of snow and ice.
-Connecting older adults with grandchildren or younger generation for activities.
-Video Chats.
-Making sure that heating equipment and smoke detectors are running properly and extra blankets and winter clothes, boots etc, are handy.

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