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WHATA 200 page guide on elderly nutrition put together with the help of dietitians, senior focus groups and the Government of British Columbia.
WHYHealthy eating is critical for older people to remain independent, maintain their quality of life, and reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory diseases and some cancers.
WHERESeniors BC.
HealthLink BC's Dietitian Services.
Government of British Columbia.

Program Description

"Healthy Eating for Seniors addresses many of the barriers to healthy eating: time, effort, knowledge and skills, taste and cost. Healthy Eating for Seniors also addresses food safety – which is key for promoting health. It includes information about supplements and how to eat with a chronic disease. And it offers you simple ways to eat with less fat and salt, to keep a healthy body weight, to shop for healthy food on a budget, and to read labels."

- Healthy Eating for Seniors.

Information contained in the “Healthy Eating for Seniors Handbook” includes:

-How to eat right with a chronic illness including tips on how nutrition can prevent or manage common chronic diseases
-How to eat well and age well, supplements for seniors
-Recipes for seniors
-Simple ways improve elderly nutrition such as how to eat with less salt and fat
-How to read food labels
-How to keep a healthy body weight and more

By paying attention to elderly nutrition and making healthy food choices, seniors can maintain and even improve their health. When seniors remain active they can help to prevent or slow the progression of the most common chronic diseases and conditions.

The British Columbia Nutrition Survey found that seniors would benefit from eating more vegetables and fruits, more protein, less fat and salt, and from engaging in moderate activity more frequently. Elderly often need specialized diets to counterbalance age-related physiological changes. Older people are more vulnerable than the younger population in British Columbia when it comes to malnutrition.

Registered dietitians are available through HealthLink BC’s Dietitian Services to provide food and nutrition information and advice by phone in 130 languages.
Registered dietitians can provide consultation in the areas of human nutrition, clinical nutrition, food safety, food science and food and nutrition in general, and make referrals to hospital outpatient dietitians and community nutritionists as required.

The Healthy Eating for Seniors handbook is available in English and has also been culturally adapted and translated into Chinese, Punjabi and French and is free for British Columbians. The Healthy Eating for Seniors audio book is also available for download.


Senior Housing Rental Initiative Program - Affordable housing developments for seniors or persons with disabilities. British Columbia (BC) Canada.

Guru Nanak Niwas Assisted Living and Independent Living Facility" Program - An assisted living and independent living facility designed specifically for the South Asian community in Canada. Staff members are fluent in English, Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu and Fijian Hindi languages. British Columbia (BC) Canada.

BC Center for Elder & Advocacy
- A trained legal advocate who is a paralegal provides legal information to those who call the Seniors Advocacy & Information Line. Advocates also provide legal representation to older adults with problems related to access to safe housing, access to government benefits and pensions and elder abuse. British Columbia (BC) Canada.

Duet Bike Program for Seniors - Allows wheelchair bound senior residents at a nursing care facility to ride a specially designed senior bicycle along with another person. British Columbia (BC) Canada.

Rainbow Vision LGBT Senior Housing and Assisted Living
- Condominium, Independent and Assisted Living for LGBT seniors which offers a trial stay to those who wish to test out the facilities before moving in. British Columbia (BC) Canada.

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