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WHAT Registry that electronically stores advance directives, organ donor information and emergency contact information, and making them available to health care providers across the country through an automated system.
WHYSo that health care facilities such as skilled nursing care facilities, hospitals and others can access patient information on advance directives, organ donor information and emergency contact information
WHEREU.S. Living Will Registry – A privately held organization. Founded by Dr. Joseph Barmakian.

Program Description

"The Registry is a great way for hospitals and health care providers to manage advance directives in their facilities. Health care providers are required by law to ask their patients if they have an advance directive, and to place the document into the medical record. Storing these documents and retrieving them has proved to be very difficult for providers. How does the provider know that the advance directive on file is the most recent? Which of the multiple charts on a particular patient contains the most current advance directive? Who has the time to search through the medical records to find the old advance directive each time the patient
is re-admitted?"


The "U.S. Living Will Registry" is a privately held organization.

Advance directives are scanned and stored into the registry's computer for a yearly fee.

The "U.S. Living Will Registry" does not review advance directives or provide any legal advice or legal services and documents are made available to health care providers when needed.

The "U.S. Living Will Registry" contacts each registrant every year to have them confirm that their advance directive, personal information and emergency contact information have not changed. The date of the last update to each registrant's information is printed on the coversheet that the provider receives when they request your advance directive. With this system, your confirmed document and information should always be less than one year old.

"The mission of the U.S. Living Will Registry is to promote the use of advance directives through educational programs, and to make people's health care choices available to their caregivers and families whenever and wherever they are needed, while maintaining the confidentiality of their information and documents."




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