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"In six minutes this animated video about sexuality and aging delivers humor, insight and vivid characterization of interesting elders."
-The Gerontologist.

"Whether Liz Blazer’s short documentary 'Backseat Bingo' (2004) became animated by choice or accident is a matter of trivial pursuit, but what is important and certain is that it lends a refreshing lens to the genre of recording the life stories of real people. Running a mere five minutes and five seconds in length, 'Backseat Bingo' includes interview snippets of elderly members of Blazer’s community. With frankness, pep, and—yes—the wisdom of old age, cartoon versions of Sunga Greisman-Reuben, David Bialobroda, Evelyn Swardlow, William Enenstein, Lou Bernoff, and Ruth Cooper talk about sex, romance, comfort, companionship, and mortality."

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