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WHAT Trains older adults in the art of oral storytelling (not story reading) to volunteer as storytellers in schools.
WHYElders contribute to the community, learn a new art, gain self-confidence, increase literacy in children and pass stories to the next generation.
Headquarters in Aspen, CO, USA.
Chapters located across the USA in Florida, Kentucky, New York, Virginia, Wyoming, and internationally in Canada.

Program Description

"Oral storytelling is much different than reading a book aloud.
Listening to stories orally told with the eye-to-eye contact, the accompanying gestures and the warmth of a gift freely given

"Spellbinders’ unique program restores elders to their traditional role in society…that of the keepers of the wisdom."

Older adult volunteer storytellers are trained to present stories to children in classrooms. Volunteers may return to the same classrooms each month throughout the school year, forming strong and caring intergenerational connections with school children.

Storytelling can help children develop literacy skills by promoting a love of stories which translates into an interest in reading, increased listening skills and comprehension and the stimulation of a listener’s imagination, including making mental pictures of words in sequence.

The Spellbinders Storytelling Program is housed in a national office with individual chapters that recruit thier own senior volunteers, secure their own funding, and engage the services of a certified spellbinders trainer to train the senior volunteers using spellbinders materials.

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