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WHAT An international network of organizations promoting senior travel and volunteer exchanges.
WHYSo that older adults can travel internationally and contribute their skills and talents to those in need.
WHERESenior European Volunteers Exchange Network.
Education and Culture DG.
Life Long Learning Programme.

Program Description

The "Senior European Volunteers Exchange Network" (SEVEN) Program's member organizations include NGOs, local governments, universities and research centers with at least 5 years' experience in the co-ordination and management of senior travel volunteer programs.

Senior volunteer projects range from a couple of weeks to a few months.

In general, senior volunteers pay for their travel and an administrative fee and will receive free food and accommodation.

The "Senior European Volunteers Exchange Network" also offers participation in a "Workcamp Experience," a group of volunteers from a variety of countries who work on a project together. Young adults also participate in this program providing an intergenerational experience.

Organizations, NGO's and others wishing to host senior volunteers from abroad can visit the Senior European Volunteers Exchange Network" (SEVEN) Program's website for resource materials on how to set one up such as " Setting Up An Exchange: Guidebook to Senior Volunteering Abroad."

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