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WHATA center concerned with conducting aging related research and applying it practically to improve the lives of older adults, their families and communities.
WHYTo help provide the information, tools and practices which will ultimately improve the experience of older adults as they age. To empower older adults, their families and communities.
WHERESheridan Centre for Elder Research.
Sheridan Campus.
Ontario, Canada.

Program Description

"The goal of the Centre for Elder Research is to identify, develop, test and support implementation of innovative strategies that improve the quality of life for older adults and their families, and to do this through applied research."

“...older adults from the community not only participate in research, but contribute to its direction. We continually seek collaborative research, practice and education partnerships with business, industry, the community and academic leaders.”

The Sheridan Centre for Elder Research conducts studies and applies strategy of aging related topics such as:

Arts - how older adult participation in the arts promotes healthy aging and how to increase participation regardless of location or personal barriers.

Technology- how technology can support and improve the lives of older adults and help individuals to age in-place.

The Senior Market -studying the needs and wants of a changing demographic and coming up with solutions with the business community on how to best market to an older population.

Active Aging - working with service providers and designers to provide active physical and cognitive programs for older adults.

Aging in a Foreign Land - support and improve the services and programs available for older immigrants.

Training: life-long learning for older adults.

In addition to conducting aging related research, The Sheridan Centre for Elder Research
also provides training and other community resources.

Aging Programs
Aging Awareness & Sensitivity Programs




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