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WHATEngaging older adults and youth intergenerational activities.
WHYTo increase awareness of ageism, support youth who are at risk from dropping out of school, improve communication between older adults and youth increasing understanding between the two generations.
WHEREOld’s Cool Intergenerational Project.
The Citadel Youth Centre.
Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Edinburgh, Scotland.

Program Description

“Some issues that affect young and older people include: safety, whether that be walking home late at night or using public transport; mental health issues are also a concern: anxiety, depression and social isolation are not age-specific. Challenges regarding employment can take place at all stages of life, whether it is the start of your career or adapting to life post retirement.
By focusing on the similarities your young and older people share, you will enable relationships between them to prosper.”

“On completing the Old’s Cool program your young people will leave with a broadened sense of community, improved communication and oral skills and most importantly, the ability to engage positively with older people.” .”

The Old’s Cool program helps older people and youth gain new skills and learning opportunities and increases confidence and self-esteem by working in new intergenerational relationships.

Intergenerational activities ideas may include:

-Exploring ageism.
-Stereotypes of each generation.
-Different language or slang used by each group.

Those interested in starting their own Old's Cool Program can do so by downloading the Old's Cool Toolkit which details a step by step process.

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