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WHATThe Nesta Ageing Well Challenge Prize rewards innovative ideas and projects that help people age well with a cash prize and other start up resources.
WHYTo help innovators who are looking to help people age well by providing them with the correct skills and tools that will help bring their innovations and ideas to life.
Across the United Kingdom.

Program Description

"...the speed at which our society is ageing means a lot more needs to be done. We need radical new approaches to cater for our ageing population, which make better use of the resources within communities, to help us all age better."

The Ageing Well Challenge Prize looks for ideas to improve the lives of older people by reducing social isolation and/or help people stay mobile and active for longer.

Finalists are awarded funding of up to £10,000, along with additional support and collaborations to set up their projects.

The Ageing Well Challenge Prize hopes to:

  • Share insights about the value of, and principles of giving of time, skills and resource to the community to reduce isolation and increase the mobility of older people.
  • Encourage the development of more impactful and cost effective approaches to help the elderly.
  • Share the effectiveness of using challenge prizes to stimulate social innovation methods.

Nesta is an innovation charity with a mission to help people and organizations bring great ideas to life. The organization is dedicated to supporting ideas that help solve a range of social issues and can help improve all lives. Nesta provides investment, research and practical programs to winners.

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