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WHATLive Caption is a voice recognition app which listens to spoken words and instantly translates them to text in real time.
WHYTo provide instant translation of conversation to text for those who are deaf or have hearing loss.
WHERELive Caption.

Program Description

“Understand the conversation clearly with Live Caption, streaming the conversation on your device. Use Live Caption to speak to friends who are deaf or have hearing loss.”

"Real-time speech-to-text for live conversations."

Live Caption answers the question of how to convert speech into text easily.

The translator can be useful for older adults in public places such as at restaurants when ordering food, running errands at the post office, grocery store and other businesses, communicating at doctor’s offices and social encounters.

Older adults can maintain a sense of confidence when alone in public allowing them to live independent lives.

The program does not record conversations and works best for in-person conversation and not for phone calls.
source: livecaptionapp

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