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WHAT An inter-generational project that encourages kids to turn to older adults and engage in conversation before getting online to find answers.
WHYSo that the younger generation can benefit from the valuable wisdom and experience of seniors and see first-hand the positive role older adults can have in their lives and society.
WHEREFeros Care.
Australian Government Department of Social Services. NSW Government.

Program Description

“Children are realizing that there are other ways to find out information.”
-Michelle Chandler, Principal

“Feros Care wants youngsters to Ask Gran Not Google, so that they not only get the answers, but the anecdotes and personal stories that help make an event or subject memorable.”

“At Feros Care, we love Google, gadgets and Grans! This initiative is designed to spark conversation between generations and if necessary search google for answers together.”

Ask Gran Not Google is facilitated through participating schools. Each school receives the following tools to help youth connect with seniors:

·  Facilitator Guide for Teachers.
·  Pencil case, pen and sticker for each child.
·  Two postcards for children to write their question. (video conferencing may also be used)

Some schools have expanded the project into inter-generational activities such as silent discos, fishing trips and concerts.

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