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WHATA campaign that stands against ageism during the COVID-19 pandemic.
WHYTo have the interests and concerns of older adults heard by decision makers and to ensure equity and rights during the COVID-19 pandemic regardless of age.
WHEREAge Demands Action. International.

Program Description

“This pandemic has exposed ageism and we have a window to campaign against it and defend older people’s human rights. This is a critical moment. We need governments to listen to what older people have to say, and ensure they have equal access to prevention measures, support and services, wherever they live.”

“What has the government response been so far? What is the impact of their response on the rights of older adults, listen and speak to older adult and their experiences and stories during the COVID-19 pandemic, find partners who share your cause and take your issue to lead decision makers.”

“Age-based measures fail to take into account the negative impact long periods of isolation will have on older people’s physical, mental and cognitive well-being. In many places, older people have already been subject to stricter isolation measures than other population groups and this has left many unable to access the medical or care and support services they need, their pensions, work or other means to support themselves. They have been exposed to increased risk of violence, abuse and neglect. Longer periods of isolation would exacerbate this.”

The Age Demands Action Campaign has put forth the following:

Age-based measures during the COVID-19 pandemic that isolate older adults for long periods of time are harmful to their dignity and well-being.

Older adults are left with no access to healthcare, care and support, pensions, work, food or other means to support themselves.

Singling out older people stigmatizes them and reinforces ageist stereotypes preventing them from playing productive roles in society.

The Age Demands Action Campaign -Ageism During COVID-19 Pandemic asks participants to advocate for the rights of older adults and provides a toolkit which outlines how others can help the elderly. The toolkit provides information on:

  • Definitions of ageism.
  • Examples of stereotypical language, negative attitudes and discriminatory actions towards older people.
  • Examples of ageism to look out for during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • How to ensure a campaign is based on older people’s input and experiences. 
  • How to plan a campaign step-by-step to help older adults.

Help Age International has additional helpful resources in the following areas related to COVID-19 and older adults:

  • End of life care and COVID-19.   
  • Guidance and advice for home caregivers during COVID-19.  
  • Guidance for nursing care homes during COVID-19.  
  • Seniors who are homeless, living in poverty, settlements or slums during COVID-19.  
  • Hygiene - access to safe water and sanitation facilities there by preventing further spread of the COVID-19.
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