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WHATProvides a Representative Payee who assists the elderly to keep up with financial affairs such as paying bills and keeping documents.
WHYTo protect seniors who are unable to manage their finances from financial abuse thus helping to maintain their independence.
WHERE Big Sky Senior Services.
Prevention of Elder Abuse Program.
Billings, Montana, USA

Program Description

"The Representative Payee Program helps clients who are unable to manage their own finances and protects them from fraud, predatory lenders and exploitation. Budgets are created so bills are paid in a timely manner. We work collaboratively with other service providers to ensure client has case management."

The Representative Payee Program  provides financial assistance services such as:

-Reviews financial affairs & develops a budget for seniors.
-Meets with Social Security, Federal Retirement and Veterans Administrations, Medical Personnel, Family Members & others on the senior's behalf.
-Pays senior's monthly bills.
-Keeps financial records & documents current for each senior client.
-Regular contact with each senior to determine the current state of health and if individual needs are being addressed.

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